About us


Utilising over 38 years of experience in financial services, including UK and International Accountancy, we analyse individual and corporate needs and provide bespoke solutions.

Our approach focuses on two main areas:

• The development of a financial plan with its associated strategy taking into
account all your assets.

• Any subsequent taxation issues.

New clients say that they have received disjointed advice over the years from various sources. This specific advice may have been valid but it failed to take into account the impact on other financial assets and future goals.

At John Fachiri Ltd. our aim is to ensure that advice is never provided in isolation. That is to say, we consider how any one piece of advice can affect another.

Our understanding of individual goals and objectives comes through the use of our unique lifetime cash flow analysis, helping our clients focus on what is really important to them. We then create a personal financial plan with a range of specific recommendations for various scenarios.

We believe that it is crucial to regularly monitor and review the financial plan to ensure that goals and objectives are being achieved. This alleviates the common problem individuals face, namely that the advice they previously received is no longer relevant.

We work closely with the following types of clients:

• Professionals

• Executives

• Owners of small to medium sized businesses

• People with life changing issues

• People who recognise that there may be a better way.

Our clients pay us a fee relative to the high level of strategic, quality advice that is tailor made to their particular requirements. They tell us that they find true value in feeling positive and secure about their financial future.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Taxation Advice.

Contact us:

Telephone: 0151 342 8508   Email: mail@JohnFachiri.com